A 3DVOX Model is a way to unlock the full potential of an architectural project. A digital model allows you to translate your architectural plans into a language understandable to all. With a 3D VOX Model, you can explore spaces from any perspective, be it mobile device, desktop or even virtual reality experience, and the best part is that you can easily share it and view it anywhere!

How does 3DVOX work? a 3DVOX model is created by a set of steps and process designed to be optimized for web, by automatically using these optimization techniques, the resulting 3DVOX model can be seen interactively in any device with great quality results.

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For most people, interpreting plans can be complicated, which can cause interpretation errors and generate problems with client expectations, the construction team, or a supplier.

A 3DVOX model is a tool for all parties involved to have a correct understanding of the project. Ultimately, moving a pixel is cheaper than moving a wall.

First of all, it is very practical to be able to send and share a digital model with potential clients through any means (WhatsApp, email, social media), saving on travel time and filtering those clients who have a genuine interest.

Secondly, creating memorable experiences is essential to stay in the consumer’s mind. A 3DVOX model is the best introduction since the 3D perspective makes it easier for clients to project themselves living in that space, generating emotions and expectations.

Unlike a physical model, 3D Vox has three main advantages: Lower cost: A digital model is less expensive to create than a professional physical model. Many times, these physical models are conceptual and can be very costly depending on the finishes.

Always available, always in your pocket: Having a digital model is like having infinite models; you can view it anytime, from any device, at any time. There’s no need to transport it or have it in a fixed location for display, allowing you to reach more people.

Interactivity: In a digital model, you can remove walls, view different perspectives, and even change decorations, providing greater flexibility in your value proposition.

You can also keep your 3DVOX model with the latest changes based on your project updates.

Unlike a render, a 3DVOX model allows you to have a clearer notion of the space distribution. An environment or render plan is limited to a single perspective that can leave doubts in the client and generate uncertainty in the purchase.

3DVOX models also allows you to display a main view thumbnail just before loading the model to improve user experience.

Being web-based technology, there is no need for any special software. A 3D model can be viewed in web browsers on devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Of course!, you can preview and update your 3DVOX models in virtual reality, keeping them up top date and previewing changes with a simple click.

You can either purchase it from any 3DVOX creator or make your own 3DVOX models with the plugin we’ve made for you in Unity3D

Hosting starts from 10 dollars per month and allows you to upload and share a 3DVOX model with your clients, take a look at our plans for further information.